Introduction: Lego Superman USB 20:1

About: I'm a Spanish designer and model maker, I'm live in a Levantine coast, in a Mediterranean zone.

My Final Proyect in School of Art of Murcia (Spain)

This proyect was presented in 2012 december, the final model dimensions are 985 mm high, 460 mm width and 240 mm thickness.

The first step was search documentation and plans in Internet

For construction of this model I'm used the following materials:

PVC sheets (1, 3 and 10mm thick), polyurethane foam sheets, glue specific for many materials, solvent based paint, polyester putty, poliester resin, masking tape, cutter, circular cutter, steel rules, etc.

Some pieces have performed in a CNC router (hands, arms structure and head plate)

Other parts are manufactured, USB memory, the torso and some pieces.

The model are painting with airbrush.

Step 1: Construction Process