Introduction: New Wireless Antenna on the Cheap

So I have a D-Link Wireless card, and for one reason or another it no longer has a antenna. I set out to make a new one with as few tool as possible (and a camera), while also maintaining reasonable performance (3/5 Bars or Greater).

Guys this is my first Instructable and I appreciate constructive criticism.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

You will need:

- Pliers (whatever kind)
- Wire Stripper (can be incorpirated with pliers as I have)
- Piece of wire, preferably one piece, rigid, with plastic covering (not the twisted copper)
- Lighter or appropriate heat source.

Good lighting, a bench with no flammable materials around. Also let me take this chance to say that I and the Instructables Website and her Affiliates take no responsibility for, but not limited to, any injuries, or property damage that may ensue as you are following the ideas herein represented. Also feel free to use this somewhere else, but please link back to this Instructable.

Step 2: Cutting the Wire

Use the wire stripper to cut away the plastic sheath, about 1 cm in, to ensure a good hold can be achieved on the copper core inside.

Be sure that the other end of the wire is also open.

Step 3: Light-er Up

Pretty self explanatory, don't light the tissues or the curtain on fire. Be sure to QUICKLY do the next step before the plastic sheath cools down. Also don't set the plastic on fire....or yourself for that matter. Some times this isn't necessary, but it was with mine.

Step 4: PULL

Use the pliers to pull the copper (or other metal) slightly out of the plastic sheathing. Don't pull too much, also.

Step 5: Attaching to the Wireless Card

Put the part that is now cool, into the inside pin of the wireless card. This can be daunting, as you may not know if the copper inside ur new antenna is touching or not. When I attached mine, I got an instantaneous signal boost. ("Very Good", then with some tweaking I got "Excellent" form XP's Wireless Zero on my Father's PC).