Introduction: New Years Eve Makeup: Vanessa Hudgens Inspired

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I've always wanted to create a glamour look inspired by Vanessa Hudgens because of our similarities, so here it is! I thought this grungy edge she put on for the Flaunt Magazine party was stunning and a perfect fit for New Years 2015 going into 2016! You'll notice that the majority of the products are from STILA! But why? Although they're prices aren't so pleasing to one's wallet, the quality does wonders to your face and confidence. I never doubt that a Stila product won't satisfy me, so if you choose to use these products I guarantee you'll still have your face when the countdown starts for midnight!


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Step 1: Begin With Foundation Routine

Just to make sure my video tutorial wasn't a miiiiillion hours long, I skipped the demonstration of applying the foundation (will come in a separate video?). This Instructable is mainly on the eye portion of the look, but the main thing to know about the face makeup:

- Wear something that is LONG LASTING! You will be out for quite a while and you don't want your face to wash away with all the bubbly of the champagne at midnight!

- Contour is your friend. If you are going to be spending the night with over a dozen people, why not make those beautiful features of yours pop!? Focus towards the jaw line, the cheek bones and the nose, with just a touch of highlight.

- Keep the blush to a neutral light tone. With the popping red lips in action, you don't want your face to look overly red. A subtle bronze or a light dusty rose will do the trick.

- Don't forget concealer!

Step 2: Frame the Face: Eyebrows

Pick a shade of eyeshadow or any type of brow pen of your choosing that is suitable for your skin tone and hair colour. The goal is to make them as slick and tidy as possible, so drawing a clean outline first then filling it in will do the trick. I like to go lighter or fainter with the filling as I go closer to the centre of my forehead. 2 shades may be needed.

Step 3: Give Your Lids a Base

As my base, I decided to use my SMASHBOX Limitless 15Hour Cream Shadow in the shade Riches just to emphasize the shimmery eye that I wanted to achieve. If you do not have one of these, don't sweat it! Any eye primer will do ( I recommend the SMASHBOX 24H Photofinish Shadow Primer!)

I find the easiest way to apply either of these is just with the tip of your finger. Apply evenly and let dry for 60 seconds.

Step 4: Darken the Crease

Using a small dome brush and the shade Espresso from the STILA Eyes Are the Window: Spirit palette, line the crease of your eye lid. It will look odd at first, but it will be blended in the next step!

Step 5: Blend It But Don't Bend It!

I told you we would blend out that mess!

Using a larger dome brush than the previous one we used, take a warm beige eyeshadow to blend away the harsh lines from Espresso. In my case, I used STILA's Wit from the Eyes Are the Window: Mind palette.

Step 6: Render the Full Lid

1) Using Espresso (or your preferred dark shade) and a flat brush, lightly pat the outer corner of your lid.

2) Using Golightly (a medium gold tone) and a flat brush, lightly pat the centre of your lid.

Step 7: Inner Corner of Lid

1) The NYX Jumbo Liner in the shade Milk is a great product to use as a base to enhance bright shadow colours. In this case, apply it in the corner of your eye (not on the lid) and blend with the tip of your finger. (photos 1 and 2)

2) From the ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Artist Palette, dab the shade Beigely (which is really more of a silver than beige? LOL) and use it over the blended white on your inner corner of your eye. (photos 3 and 4)

3) Going back with the STILA Eyes Are the Window: Mind palette, grab the light shimmer Wheat and finish off the inner corner of the lid.

Step 8: Lashline Needs Some Love

You can't forget what happens below!

1) From the STILA Spirit palette, apply Puppy as your main base using a medium to small dome brush.

2) Jumping back to the STILA Mind palette again, use Thinker with a small thin flat brush towards the outer corner of your lash line.

3) Blend..

4) Prep your lashes with a curler

Step 9: Line 'em Up!

My favourite part: the winged liner.

I decided to venture off into the land of gel liner with my REAL TECHNIQUES Silicone Liner Brush.

1) Start off with a straight line following the curve of your lower lash line

2) Connect the using another straight line going towards the centre of your eye

3) Fill 'er in!

4) Create an ever so slight arabic eye (optional)

Step 10: Coat Em: Mascara​

I've really been loving the volume that the BOURJOIS Push Up Volume Glamour Mascara has been able to offer me. Give your lashes a few good layers, top and bottom. If you get any on your lid, use a clean brush and blend it away.

Step 11: Pucker Up!

Start off by moisturizing your lips before you apply anything matte at all times! Any lip balm will do.

For the first coat, apply the STILA Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in the shade Beso and make sure you get a smooth line across your lips to make it as neat as possible.

For the second coat, apply NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade Transylvania.

Step 12: Set, Selfie and You're Done!

Wouldn't it be awful if all that hard work faded away within the first hour of your evening (okay it wouldn't if you use Stila products!). Set that wonderful face of yours, wether it be with a spray (SMASHBOX Primer Water is AMAAAZING!), a setting translucent powder or any other setting product of your choosing.

Capture your look with a selfie with your friends and you are set for the night!