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Hooray!  Finally, my first 'ible.  I've done quite a bit of lurking and commenting, but never had the time (or forward thinking) to produce my own, so bare with me as I stumble through the editing process.  That said, let me tell you about one of my latest projects.

I got my 10 gal Powermate compressor from the Mart of Walls a few months ago.  I really took a gamble on it because I really couldn't find any reviews on the thing.  But the price was right for the size and flow, I believe it was about $125.  This thing came with everything you need to get started:  coil hose, air gun, tire inflator, teflon tape, etc.  I bought a new 50' hose to compliment it.  It even had wheels and a handle!

So, "where's the problem?" you might ask.  Well, the machine is just under 2ft 6in tall.  I'm 6'1".  Also, the handle wasn't anywhere near long enough to store the 50' hose.  So, I managed to fashion a longer handle out of scrap material that doesn't permanently change the compressor.  I even put a hook that swivels on it to hold a nail gun.

Here's a list of the parts:
Frame  2x2 white pine
Handle  1" OD dowel
Straps  old Boy Scout belt I had laying around from when my waist was half the size it is now.
Bailing wire to hold it to the tank
Accessary hook  J-hook pluming hanger (These things are cheap and hold a lot of weight.  I use them all over the shop.)

I plan on adding some kind of tray/box to the top to keep all the accessories in, but this is it, for now.  Let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to help.  I figured everyone has a different compressor, so, this is just for inspiration. 

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