Introduction: New Jose Halapeno on a Stick How to Make.

About: Hey there,I am just a guy that likes to play horn in band and likes to hang out with my friends and I like to call myself a knex gunsmith.

OK you guys, now I will show you how to make him. Just follow the pictures.


Step 1: The Top of the Head.

You should be able to follow the pics.

Step 2: The Eyes.

These are pretty easy to make.

Step 3: The Nose and Mustache.

This should be also easy to make to. just follow the pics.

Step 4: Making the Jaw and Connecting the Rubber Band.

The sixth pic shows that the rubber band should be over the rollers. The seventh pic is the back view.

Step 5: The Steek

this is pretty easy to. The fourth pic shows where in the stick connects within the stick by a red and grey rod.

Step 6: Attaching the String to the Jaw.

This just shows where you connect the string. the third pic shows where you tie the string.

Step 7: Finish the Jaw.

Here is the final step. do what it shows.