Introduction: New Year’s Waffle

  1. Introduction

This recipe is not a

really a family secret but more a family custom.

My family is from north of France and in this region there is a tradition: The New Year’s Waffles. To sum up all family were preparing this recipe and when people came home to wish New Year they shared those Waffle with coffee.

My grandfather was in charge on this preparation and each year I was “working” with him even if he wakes up at 6am for the cooking…

When my grandfather died I decided to keep doing those waffle every year and share it with family / friends and colleagues.

I hope you will enjoy this recipe as I enjoy it.

Step 1: What You Need

This recipe is relatively simple and to perfume it you just need the following ingredients

- 500grs of flour

- 350grs of butter, I used salted butter(maybe you can replace it by oil but I’ve never done it)

- 500grs of Brown sugar

- 2 eggs

- 1 glass of Water (20cl)

- 1 glass of Brown Rum (Classic rum if you don’t have brown one) (20cl)

- Touch of salt : this part is useless if you used salted butter.

For the materiel you need a specific waffle iron or a specific plate. Honestly you can use any waffle maker but as the waffle needs to be thick I’m not sure that standard format is a good idea.

I bought a Tefal Snack-n clean with a specific plate.

You can find some wafle iron on Amazon like this one:


This quantity allows you to do 120 waffles but they are small and you can keep it for long so don’t worry.

Step 2: The Preparation

The preparation must be done the day before cooking before the apparel need to rest 1 night.

In a pan you should put the butter, the sugar and the glass of water in order to dissolve the sugar.

When everything is dissolved you should have something that look like “caramel”

Let it warm few minute and add the beaten eggs. If you add eggs to early they will be cooked.

The next step is to mix this preparation with rum and then with Flour. You can use a mixer but in my case I do it manually.

The preparation is now ready and just need to rest 1 night if the fridge. For this part I put everything in a bowl covered with cling film.

Step 3: The Cooking

For this step this is really simple, to perform it I usually prepare my table with:

- Baking paper for cooked waffle.

- Oven plate to put the waffle iron. As the recipe contain “some” butter it can flow on your table).

- A spatula to put waffle of the iron.

- A coffee spoon

Due to the butter in the recipe there is no need to put oil or anything on the iron.

The coffee spoon is, I think, the best way to put the correct portion of the preparation.

With my waffle iron I can make 4 waffle each time with 4 coffee spoon of the preparation. I put the preparation in the middle of each position.

Don’t worry when you will close the iron it will spread the preparation. After few minutes you can open and put waffle on the baking paper. At this step the waffle is limp but it will become crusty when it will cool down.

For this reason you can create specific form. Personally I used this recipe to create ice cream bowl. To do this Ice cream bowl I only put the “hot waffle” in a bowl and let it cool down. Easy isn’t it? I use this king of trick when some friends are coming; it’s funnier than plastic cup for ice cream. For this you just need to put more of the preparation in the iron in order to have a bigger waffle.

You can also use bread plate to create tile but everything is possible with imagination.

I hope some of you are going to try and like this recipe with coffee, chocolate, marmelade or just as it is.

If this recipe is not clear enough, don’t hesitate to let a comment and i will try to do my best to explain.

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