Introduction: Newbie to Profession Version of Minecraft House

Hello everyone, today I am going to show you how to make my version of Minecraft House

Materials needed:

Wood Slabs

Wooden Door/ Iron Door

Clobber Slabs

Glass blocks

Have you got all the materials?

If you do, then let start working on Newbie to Profession version of Minecraft House

Step 1: Let Get Started : Exterior


Okay, use wooden slabs (more resistance to fire that wood planks).

1. Make the rectangle 12 blocks wide and 15 blocks long. (Make sure the front have 10 blocks, not 12 blocks)

2. Then you add another blocks of slabs above the slabs u added. But not the back, only 2 blocks of slabs(Check it in the second photo) The back you add 10 glass blocks.

3. After that, you add 4 wooden slabs on the left and right end on top of the second layers of wooden slabs blocks. (Shown in picutre 3). Then add 2 glass -> 2 wooden slab blocks -> 2 glass -> 2 wooden slab blocks -> 2 glass --> 1 wooden slabs blocks(For left and right side). The front and back will be filled wooden slabs blocks.

4. Well.. This layers will be filled with wooden slabs blocks

5. In pic 4 and 2(The front and the back), The front, the back, left and right side will have 8 blocks of glass each side. And beside the glass, will be 4 blocks of wooden slabs.2 on left, 2 on right (The front), will applied to all sides.

6. We are almost finished, c'mon. This is the last one. Add one more layers of woodens slabs of block on top. Do not cover the top, just the side. Let go to Interior design





  1. Make a layers of wooden slabs on the 4th layers of wooden slabs
  2. You have to make way to second floor, use clobberstone as stair. You can add any way you want to reach second floor
  3. Last step, make a layers which is about the 6th layers of wooden slabs of blocks. (pic 7) You can see that the 7th layer lose 2 rows and 2 columns.

Well, I am done explainnig

Step 3: Conclusion

well, in my view, This feel like a modern house in Minecraft. When you get to second floor, it feel like you are in the office where the sides are made of glasses.]

Well. I won't tell you to do this. but if you are bored or got nothing to do. This is one way to pass time.

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