Newspaper Bead Bracelet With Twisty Thing

Introduction: Newspaper Bead Bracelet With Twisty Thing

This is my Instructable so....yeah.... I made this bracelet randomly because my school has this Spirit Day thing and we have to wear white so I just used a long piece of twisty twine thingy for wrapping around a USB cable and some newspaper beads. Enjoy! :)

Step 1: Get Your Materials

The materials are very simple and you can find them easily in the house. -Long piece of twisty twine or small pieces of it wrapped together neatly/Pipe-cleaner -Newspaper -Scissors -Glue -Small dowel or chopstick (depending on how big you want the beads' holes to be) -Paint is optional

Step 2: Make the Beads

(Sorry I don't have any photos for this) Basically you cut the newspaper into long triangles roughly about 15 centimetres in height. After that you roll it tightly onto the dowel and glue the end. You repeat this until you have enough beads. Painting the beads are optional.

Step 3: Put the Beads on the Twisty Thing

Once the glue on the beads have dried, thread them onto the wire. Make sure that there is a little space about 2.5 centimetres on each end.

Step 4: Make the Clasp Thingy/Loop

Now once you're done threading on the beads, twist one end of the wire so that it's a loop. You can put on and tighten the bracelet by putting the other end through and securing it.

Step 5: Wear It!

Put it on and enjoy! I hope you liked this Instructable!! :)

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