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Introduction: Newspaper Garbage Bag

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learn to make a garbage bag the newspaper to throw away office trash and any other dry waste. the good to do it is that you only need to throw it in the recycling without having to use plastic bags

Step 1: Materials

4 sheets of newspaper

Step 2: Step 1

fold the sheets together in a triangle

Step 3: Step 2

fold the triangle as in the image

Step 4: Step 3

unfold and mark the point

Step 5: Step 4

pull a tips to point marked in the previous step

Step 6: Step 5

bend the tip remainder over of the previous

Step 7: Step 6

Now fold the top edge down as the image

Step 8: Step 7

turn the upper end to the opposite side from the previous step

Step 9: End

place it in your garbage and when it filled remember to put in recycling. Reminder: all profits and merits this instructable go to site that created the original design and here is the link of the project make-a-bag-of-junk-with-newspaper /

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4 years ago

Make a stack of these to make it easier to change when ready. After a few you can skip the pen marking step, they are so easy.


10 years ago on Introduction

What a simple & brilliant way to deal with compost items!!