Introduction: Newspaper Hat!

This is how to make an awesome newspaper hat!

Step 1: First Folds

first thing you need to do is fold down the top corners to the middle, like the pics below

Step 2: Fold and Flip

in this step you will have to fold up part of the newspaper, then flip it over.

Step 3: Bring in and Tuck

for this step, bring in the sides to the middle, bring them farther away for the middle if you have a bigger head. then bring the bottom left and right corners up to the crease, then tuck that section into the crease.

Step 4: Folding Down

Then fold the top down into the pocket you made

Step 5: Open and Tuck

Then open it flat, and tuck the sides in.

Step 6: Open It

then open up the hat

Step 7: Style It!

Wear the hat and show the world your true coolness!