Introduction: Newspaper Hat(s)!

Four newspaper hats in one!

Note: I took this design from Origami: The complete guide to the art of paper folding by Rick Beech and I take no credit for the design of the piece.

Step 1: First Fold

Take two sheets of newspaper and fold the short edges to the centre.
Then take ONE sheet and fold it up to the previous fold.
Double this over.

Step 2: Secure the Rim of the Hat.

Turn over.
Fold edges to the centre.
Fold remaining sheet at the bottom to the previous fold.
Unfold and fold corners up (see pic).
Pull up as far as will go and tuck in.

Step 3: First Hat!

Fold upper triangular flap down and tuck into rim.
Open out and place atop your head :-)
First hat completed!!

Step 4: Second Hat!

Pull apart sides of hat and press flat.
Fold in corners and tuck them into the rim of the hat.
Open up the rim and fold edges into box shape.
Second hat completed!

Step 5: Third Hat!

Pull up triangular, tucked-in flaps at the side of the 'Box Hat' to make a Morterboard!

Step 6: Final Hat!

Pull up the front flap of the Morterboard and let it open out. You now have a Bishops hat!