Introduction: Newspaper Necklace Jewellery

How to make #paper #jewellery using old #newspaper. In this video I have shown the steps to make a beautiful golden color necklace. This is light weight necklace as well.

Step 1: Take a Newspaper and Roll It to Make a Stick.

Step 2: Apply Glue and Roll It Like a Round Pendant.

Step 3: Use a Stick and Roll One More Paper and Make a Hallow Stick

Step 4: Cut the Hallow Stick Into Small Pieces

Step 5: Stick All Cut Pieces As Shown in the Picture

Step 6: Draw Zigzag Lines As Shown in the Picture and Cut on the Lines

Step 7: Roll Those Zigzag Line Cut Papers, Stick at the End and Make Small Beads

Step 8: Color the Beads and All Other Pieces With Acrylic Golden Color

Step 9: Stick the Color Stones As Shown in the Picture

Step 10: Finally Join All the Beads and Pendant in the Chain As Shown

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