Introduction: Newspaper Tray

Recycling newspaper making something useful.

Step 1: Materials

Gather together:
21 double size newspaper pages, scissors, glue stick (any kind), glue gun with glue sticks, paint and paint brush, about 4 kitchen bag clips.

Step 2: Fold

taking the longest side start folding each page about one inch over and over again until you reach the end.

Step 3: Glue

the page alongside when finish folding.

Step 4: Do

the same with the other pages, here are all 21 newspaper sticks.

Step 5: Align

eleven sticks side to side with a difference of 2 or 3 inches up and down.

Step 6: Fold

every other stick in half, and put one newspaper stick across, now fold over this set of sticks (over the one across) and unfold the others. Put another stick across.

Step 7: Keep

working in the same way until you make five rows, then start on the other side working five more rows.

Step 8: Fold

the corners one over the other, glue and clip them for a while.

Step 9: Cross

one end over the other

Step 10: Cut

the extremes if they are too long, leaving about two inches.

Step 11: Glue,

fold and clip the extremes.

Step 12: For

the corners and any parts were is needed use a glue gun.

Step 13: Paint,

when the glue is dry, paint the tray, your choice of color, I chose a leftover brown.

Step 14: Here

it is the finished tray, use it as you wish.

Step 15: I

chose to put my newspaper. Enjoy!

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