Introduction: Newspaper Vase- Twist Weave

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Back here in Sri Lanka we encourage young girls with no income or education or orphans to start small business at home while looking after their kids.
One of the ways we have found is newspaper's cheap and very versatile. It's the same as basket weaving...only cheaper as we use newspaper. :-)

Here I have displayed a simple twist weave which looks very difficult...but is in fact  very easy.
I would later try and post another instructable...if requested on how to weave a magazine rack with newspaper...I actually wanted to post it up for the design contest...but that is not up for ages.... :-)

I have posted pictures which i feel would be easy to follow so please ...if you have any questions ...don't forget to ask...I'll be happy to help :-)

Step 1: Materials

a thin dowel or barbecue stick to roll
glue stick
white glue
Paint if needed

Step 2: The Paper Rods

Roll up your paper rods would need a bit of practice. At first it will tend to get big and don't use glue in the corners at first only at the end....once you become an expert at rolling...which you would be by your 20th roll you can use the glue stick :-).

Make a lot

Step 3: The Base

Please Follow pictures as it would only confuse you if i wrote the instructions...and pictures are so much better at this part :-) but feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Note: When your rod gets short...simply insert a new rod inside the short one and glue...wait till glue is dry and continue.

place the amount of rods you want across.
Take another rod and place it on top of the rods up i confusing you ...i thought as much :-)
from now on follow pictures :-)

Continue weaving the base till you get the size you want...then clip off one of the rod and slip it inside a weave so it is concealed and glue...hold with a clip till it's firm

Step 4: The Bowl

I wanted to make a bowl so  i took a vase with a wide bottom to weave my bowl.

Remember the rod which was left jutting out...well weave that under the first left rod and pull it down...then take the first left rod and weave it under the second left rod pull it down . then take the 2nd  rod and weave it under and down the 3rd rod...continue weaving ( always remember to twist to the same side. please refer to the picture.)
till you come to the widest part of your vase.
remove the vase and now place your bowl up right. now do the same weave in the same direction but move each rod a little closer to the mouth so as to narrow the opening....If you want to make a vase with a long neck a thin long bottle in the center and weave towards the bottle and then weave upwards till you get the height you want.

When you come to the end  of where you want your vase to be will want to finish it. so trim the excess rod  while you weave and glue it in place. please refer to pictures.

Your vase or bowl is done. now you need to decide what finish you want to give it...:-)
You can paint it however you like ....or you can give it a clear varnish or if you like to have a wood look you can varnish with oil based wood stain.

Ta da! your vase is done!

This is a great way to recycle and make beautiful item.
Please make some and post some pictures ...i would love to see them :-)

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