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Hello Friends. Today I'm gonna share a traditional craft project.How to make Newspaper kalash with coconut.This entire arrangement is called Purna-Kalasha (पूर्णकलश), Purna-Kumbha (पूर्णकुम्भ), or Purna-ghata (पूर्णघट).Each of these names literally means "full or complete vessel" when the pot is referred to as the Kalasha.The Kalasha is used as a ceremonial object as well as a decorative motif in Indian art and architecture.

Significant: Purna Kumbha is an essential part of worship in Hinduism.Purna Kumbha, literally means a ‘full vessel’ and symbolically it is a sign of plenty. It is also referred as Kalash.

So let's make a decorative piece of purna kalash for our home as wall/Door hanging.

Step 1:

Material required:


2.Craft glue & hot glue


4.Plastic leaf & Latkan

Step 2:

First you need to make some newspaper tubes out of newspaper.then roll it into a circular shape using 5-6 paper tubes. Then take a small round shape substance and roll the newspaper tubes around it with the same size of first one.Make a dove shape.

Step 3:

Now joint all three paper tubes using glue to make a Kalash(Pot).

Step 4:

Make a paper mache with the shape of green coconut.

Step 5:

Step 6:

This is the whole prcedure of making this purna kumbh.make it and decorate your home by hanging it on wall or door.

Step 7: Newspaper Kalash(Pot) With Nariyal(Coconut) | Purna Kalash

Here is the video of this beutiful kalash crafts.Hope You like this video.

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Happy Crafting and thank you :)