Introduction: Newspaper Weave 2 - Rack, Rustic Basket, Pencil Holder

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Here is my 2nd tutorial on newspaper weave. :-) Ii would show you the single , double ,and twist weave.
I should have started with the pencil holder ( or vase ...if you stick a jam bottle inside!) in the first it's very simple and is a great beginners project and is great for school craft projects too!
I would not go into how to make the rods as i have covered it already...and i don't want to bore you to death with the overload of pictures! :-D
but for those of you who missed the first tutorial...go here advise is after making the rods follow pencil holder project...and them move to others :-)

Step 1: Pencil Holder / Vase

Your would need approximately 13 rods for this...that is if you are doing a small circle...for a  pencil holder/ vase.
Cut 2 cardboard circles and 1 paper circle the same size
cut 1 paper circle larger than the above circle.
glue 6 rods on one circle as picture...then glue the other circle on the rods...glue the larger paper circle on the cardboard and flip over
cut slits on the large circle and paste it on...please follow the pic...
now once you have finished paste the remaining small circle on top to neaten.
glue one rod to one of the sticks...
now simple follow steps and weave...
to to the square it's the same concept. only if you move the rods further away the mouth of the vase becomes wider.....and of course closer to the mouth the gap closes :-)
when the rods get  short...glue a new rod inside the opening
flip it over and move it till you feel it's in level as it's still flexible.
now paint to your hearts content!

Step 2: Rustic Vase

This is a cute Rustic can make it bigger by making the base bigger and of course the walls higher! :-)
Take 4 rods and weave it ..then take one of the rods and go under and over the rest of the rods only one rod...single weave!
please follow pictures...
Once you come to the base...glue to base and then continue to weave up by folding every other rod up.
When you come to the second row...continue to weave upwards. :-)
Once you come to the size you want...fold the long rod into a loop and tuck it in between the weaves...go right down and go to the inside. then weave back up..cut excess and will see what i mean in the next few pictures :-)
For the rustic look i painted yellow ocher then a touch of green and then brown.

Step 3: Newspaper Rack

Now isn't this cool...a Newspaper Rack made with newspaper!
here...we use a double weave....meaning we weave 2 lines at the same time :-)
Cut 2 cardboard about 5" wide and  take the length according to the width of your project
Fold the cardboard in half and mark a line every both cardboard fold on top of fold and punch a hole in each line...then make them into stands as picture.this will be your spacer.
cut 11 wires about 36 inches long and 4 wires about 15" long...wrap them with newspaper and leave them like need to remove the wire.
( i first made the rod and tried to push the wire through...this was a big mistake!)
Pass the 11 rods through the holes.
Take a rod and fold in please follow pictures :-) I've taken pictures of every step...if you have a problem...please ask...i'll be happy to help.
You would need a minimum of 125 rods for this project.
Once your mat is done...mark 16" from either side...that would leave you 4" for the base.
curve both ends towards you with a rolling pin or a very thick round dowel.
Now keep a plank marked sides ( 16") and fold  so that the curve is the same for the other end.
for the handle...i used the same wire only i folded it 4 times and twisted it to give strength...then i wrapped it with newspaper and later with jute fiber. fold the 15" wired rod on the handle and twist.
to give more stability...i drilled a dowel and passed jute thread through and tied it under the curve...later...i twisted the handle rods under and secured the handles...wrap the twisted paper with jute too for a better look.
Done! now just stain it and varnish it!
Thanks for reading!

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