Introduction: Newspaper Roses

Cute and simple roses made out of a newspaper. Great for decoration or even Steampunk!

Step 1: What Do You Need to Make These?

Not much!

- a newspaper
- scissors
- tape (I use painters tape)
- sticks

and if you want them lovely vintage colored? a teabag or coffeepad!

Step 2: The Base

Take one of the sticks and with a piece of newspaper, make the center of the flower. Just a little bud will do. Make sure that the tape is tight around the stick, otherwise the bud will turn when you try to add the petals.

Step 3: The Petals

I found that heartshaped petals work the best for this, but experimenting with shapes will be fun. Try it! :D

Use at least 3 sorts of petals for a natural effect.

Step 4: First Layer of Petals

Now it's time for the first layer of petals! Stick the first two close against the bud, the rest of the petals go round and round the base, covering each previous petal with 0,3 or 0,5 cm. Use small bits of tape!

Step 5: Second Layer of Petals

It's growing bigger with each step!
The second layer works the same as the first, only tape them a bit above the first tape layer! I've tried to show this in photo 3.

Step 6: Third Layer of Petals and Folding

The largest petals!
make sure the botom of these petals is small, otherwise they will rip when you try to fold them (step 7). Again, tape them a bit above the rest!

Next, carefully fold all petals down except for the first 2 or 3.

Step 7: Curling the Petals

Almost there!

Now, with a second stick, curl them leaves as you fold them back up one by one! It takes a bit of practise, but using different techniques will create different effects!

Step 8: Done! Now How About Some Vintage..

All done!

For the vintage effect: use a teabaf or coffeepad and let the rose dry.

With different sizes, you can create different bouquets, hair accessories or more!

tip; for the small roses, no bud, just begin working on an empty stick ;)