Introduction: Newtons Cradle Out of Popsicle Sticks

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Now don't get me wrong, the newtons cradle is one of the coolest and smartest inventions ever. So because they are so cool why would you buy one when you could make it out of things that are right here in your very house. Come on make this for me and save a few dollars with the following 4 things!


A hot glue gun

50 popsicle sticks

5 Metal nuts

And string

Step 1:

First, you will take two popsicle sticks and hot glue the tips to another to create a perfect box.

Step 2:

Make +4 of the following boxes.

Step 3:

take one the following boxes and glue on a Popsicle stick on the top as the picture above illustrates.

Step 4:

After you've done that take one box and glue the base of one to the base of the other as illustrated above.

Step 5:

Now do the same to the opposite side

Step 6:

Cover the top with the side with the popsicle stick through the middle and glue that on top of your almost completed box.

Step 7:

Now on the opposite side of the popsicle stick through the middle and place a row of popsicle sticks covering the top.

Step 8:

Next, retrieve the following 5 bolts and calculate the length with a ruler. The bigger the bolt the better, but in this case, it doesn't matter too much. Now whatever number you came up with calculate an eighth of the original size of the bolt when you mark your measurement down on a piece of paper.

Step 9:

Next mark the measurement you came up with in pencil and create 5 slashes down the center, the closer toward the middle as much as possible is best. do these too both sides.

Step 10:

Now cut +5 pieces of thread. these should be exactly 8 inches tall or you're cradle will be off-balanced and create huge problems that I have sadly experienced!

Step 11:

To make thins easier go at things loop your 5 strings through your 5 nuts.

Step 12:

Now for the tricky part. This is why you cut your string the same size, because if not you have to glue and reglue a very many number of times. So take your string and glue it on in the same exact spot on each side.

Step 13:

Finnish looping the string through al five markers. If you see that the nuts aren't even then simply adjust and readjust till the nuts are perfectly level with each other. But as you see the nuts aren't perfectly in line but we will fix that later in step 15!

Step 14:

Finally will tidy up put two popsicle sticks to the side of each right and left beam that holds up the string for that sharp look. And optionally you may put a few beams on top of the cradle as presented above. And lastly, if you want, as I did you can put a little roof on top.

Step 15:

For extra stability put on a tiny layer of glue on the bottom of the nut holding the rope on track more easily.

Step 16: Your Done!

Now you have a perfectly designed 100% working newtons cradle out of a few simple materials! good job!

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