Newtons Cradle

Introduction: Newtons Cradle

Newton made a device that shows the conservation of momentum and energy using spheres. You can lift the end spheres and let them go, creating a chain reaction on the opposing side.

Step 1: The Supplies

You will first need to get wood, nails, hammer, fishing string, bouncy balls, and staples.

Step 2: The Pieces

You need to make four legs depending on the size you want your cradle. Then you need to make 4 pieces that you will put on top of the cradle. The sides being longer than the end pieces.

Step 3: Assembly

You want to take your four legs and attach the tops with nails. Follow the assembly you want to take your spherical objects or rubber balls in my case and drill a hole straight through it. Then you want to take one of your nails and tie your fishing string to the flattened end, which makes it easier to get the sting through the hole you previously drilled.

Step 4: The Hanging

In this step you want to take your wooden stand and hang the spheres to it. You want to take each side of the fishing string and wrap it around the top of the stand and stapler he string down. You want to make sure that every sphere is positioned at the same height so they all bounce correctly.

Step 5: The End

Now that your spheres are all hung at the same heights you should be able to pick up one or two of them and with a simple drop, you can see the energy transfer to the opposite side while the ones in the middle stay stationary.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Not bad. I'd like to see this with seven or eight bowling balls.


    Reply 6 years ago

    Well, to do that, you would have to build up a lot of kinetic energy on one side to have any energy at all reach the other side. The reason for this is because of friction. Friction is the reason that eventually, all things stop moving. Although bowling balls have lots of mass, and velocity is distance/time. To get more velocity (force), you would have to hang the ball lower from the top of the cradle, and you would have to lift it higher. That would then overcome the friction. I hope this helped and I hope you are able to understand this. If anyone finds anything wrong with my explanation, please tell me.