Introduction: Nextion 3.5 PC Control Deck

So I have decided to make my Project publicly available as I thought that some of might need this.

Step 1: Material

You need these components:

  • Nextion 3.5 inch
  • Arduino Pro micro (5v model)
  • Micoro USB cable
  • (3D printer for the case)

You need this software:

  • Arduino IDE or VS code with PlatformIO
  • My custom Software down below for music info

Step 2: 3D Case Files

These are the two files for printing, You can print them at 3.0 mm with a 4.0 mm nozzle.

Step 3: Windows 10 Registry Edit

You need to make changes to the Registry in order for Volume descend to work, if unchanged will go down too fast and will feel strange.

Press WIN+R on your Windows 10 machine and type regedit, then press enter.

Then paste this into the top bar:


You need to change the following to 0

  • VolumeAccelThreshold
  • VolumeDownTransitionTime
  • VolumeRepeatWindow

You can now restart if necessary.

Step 4: Arduino Code

Just paste the code from the file into an Arduino project.

Step 5: TFT Files for Nextion

You need to get the file from my One-Drive as instructables does not allow the HMI file format.

NOTE: The MUTE button can be used to mute/unmute Discord, to do that go to the Keybind section of Discord and make a new Keybind where the action is Toggle Mute then press record Keybind and press the button on the display, then you can stop recording and test it out.

NOTE: The LOCK function must be configured on the second page where i have put "YOUR PIN". It will lock your PC, you can then unlock it by pressing on the colorful button and put in your pin. You also need to put your pin into the Arduino code where it also states "YOUR PIN".

Step 6: My Program


Again instructable doesn't allow .exe file types so it will be here.

You need to open it in Visual Studio and change the ComPort of the serial_port component for it to work.

It will scan if Spotify is playing something and will output it to the Dsiplay top. If nothing is playing on Spotify it will check for Chrome.

Step 7: DONE!

So I think this was everything if I forgot to mention something important please let me know, and have fun! :)