Introduction: Nice Origami Icosahedron

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Ever since I've started origami, I've always been looking forward to building something great; like a swan, made with a ton of pieces. Not just cranes and stars. But, even though it's not that great, I'm proud of this creation. Meet the origami icosahedron. People with some skill and experience should do this easily. Others may have a hard time. I first did while connecting all the pieces together. All 30 of them. But we'll get to that in later steps. You ready? Start!

Step 1: Materials and Requirements

Like mentioned before, you shouldn't take this on unless you're experienced and somewhat skilled. I know I sound professional, but I'm not. :(. Though I'd like to be. :). Anyways, you're gonna need 30 sheets of square paper. Like in my other origami Instructables, (check 'em out!) I would suggest you just get squares because you're gonna be spending half the time with the scissors. >:(. To save time and trees, use square sheets. And multi-colored, preferably.

Step 2: Foldings Uno

I'm not even gonna spend time of good titles, basic is best :).

1. Start with your sheet of paper. Fold it in half.
2.  Fold the two halves inward like so.
3.  Fold into a triangle shown so the top left tip meets the inward fold's bottom edge, and same on opposite side.
4. Folded pic of ^^^.
5. Make folds according to pic notes. (Easier)

Step 3: Foldings Dos

More folding. Woopee.

1. Fold two right triangles according to photo.
2. Another view of ^^^.
3. On the right triangle fold, fold the tip part + back so the lines meet like shown. Do again on other side.
4. Flip that piece over once.
5. Flip that piece over again so you have double flipped it.
6. make two triangle folds for both so they both meets up on the one center line.
7. Insert that triangle fold into the double flipped fold like so.
8. Do the same and you're done with that piece.

Congratulations, you're a 1/30 of the way done. Now make 29 more of those pieces. Sorry, I know it's heartbreaking to read. But if you put your mind to it, it'll be over in a couple hours. :)

Step 4: Connecting Everything

Here, just connect everything bu using the pictures. Steps are somewhat pointless because I will add tips and notes. I'll make sure to point out the different layers to make it easier. Good luck!


Nice! You're done! Thanks for making this. I really do hope you like it. Have fun and send a comment or PM if you're having trouble. See ya!
If enough people ask for a video, I will make one.

Please comment with any mistakes that I may have made or criticism : ).

; ) - Supitsgreg