Introduction: Nice Speckled Easter Eggs With Natural Dye - Tea

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Dying eggs with things you have around the house it fun and easy.


  • Eggs
  • Tea or teabags
  • Pot (preferably stainless steel)
  • oil (olive oil is good)
  • paper towel
  • Optionally vinegar

Step 1: Preparing

Add your eggs to a pot to make only 1 layer.

Add 1 teabag per cup of water or 250 ml.

Add water to the pot to cover eggs and at least 1/2 inch or 2.5 cm above the eggs.

Step 2: Dying the Eggs

Bring the water to a boil, then turn down to a simmer for at least 12 minutes.

Step 3: The Results

Once the eggs are done simmering, carefully remove the eggs.

This will reveal the results. I really like the speckling.

Step 4: Final Touches

To give the eggs a sheen and to help perverse the eggs longer, I gave them a light coat of oil.

Once the eggs have cooled.

Add a little oil to a paper towel and spread it around on the center of the paper towel.

Now put the egg on the paper towel and lightly coat the egg with oil.

Step 5: The Final Results

The eggs came out a love light tan with speckles.

Using a couple of teaspoons of vinegar, before you boil the eggs may result in a darker color. Also letting the eggs rest in the dye, should result in a darker color. But I am very happy with the way these turned out.

Some other colors you can get:

  • Pink - avocados, beets
  • Blue - red cabbage, blueberries, grape juice
  • Yellow - turmeric, carrot tops, dandelion flowers, yellow onion (not skins), goldenrod flowers.
  • Orange - turmeric
  • Red - yellow onion skins
  • Green - red cabbage and turmeric, red cabbage with little vinegar, spinach (without vinegar)
  • Brown - fiddlehead (fern), leaves, acorns, hickory nuts, coffee, tea, ...
  • Gray - black cherry juice