Introduction: Nicole's Custom Oak Cage

Use these instructions to assemble the cage after the cabinet has been put together.. You will build the cage right on the cabinet. Each panel has been labeled with a letter on the top of the panel. Panels A and B are the back panels, C and D are the sides, E and F are the fronts with the doors.

Step 1: Panel a - First Half of the Back of the Cage

Put the cage bottom in place on top of the cabinet. The front edge is marked on the bottom of this piece. Now you will pull the back edge of the cage bottom over the back edge of the cabinet in order to put the screws in the predrilled holes through the bottom into Panel A. Line up the screw into the hole in the bottom of the panel and attach tight.

Step 2: Panel B - 2nd Half of the Back

Line this panel up next to Panel A and attach to the bottom with the 2 inch screws. Then use 2 inch screws in the sides of these two panels that touch each other and attach through the predrilled holes.

Step 3: Panel C - Right Side of the Cage (looking From the Front)

Now you will center the bottom back on the cabinet before pulling it to the side to attach panel C. Line up panel C as shown and attach to the bottom with three 2 inch screws. Then attach to Panel B with a couple 2 inch screws in the predrilled holes in the side of panel C.

Step 4: Panel D - Left Side of Cage

Pull the bottom back across center to expose the left side. Attach just like Panel C. Three 2 inch screws from the bottom and two 2 inch screws into Panel A.

Step 5: Divider Panel Bottom Support

There are two screws that hold this support to the bottom. In the back use the grey deck screw. Line up the hole from the bottom into the back hole of the support and tighten. Then expose the front of the bottom to install the long lag bolt that will go all the way through the divider support and into the bottom of the door panels. So for now, just run the bolt into the support but not sticking through.

Step 6: Slide Out Drawers and Door Panels E and F

Put the drawers into place on both sides of the divider support along with the screen covers on top of each. Now door panel E is the left side. To attach it, you will be using 2 inch screws in the predrilled holes in panel D. Make sure the top of panel E lines up with the top of panel D. It will also sit on the divider support. Then, do the same for the other door panel F. After both panels are attached, you will use two inch screws to attach to each other. There are predrilled holes for both frames. Then finish with The lag bolt through the divider support into the door panels. Now you can center the bottom onto the cabinet.

Step 7: Top Divider Support - Attach to Top

The support is labeled which end faces the front. Line up the predrilled holes in the top and use shorter screws to attach and tighten.

Step 8: Attach Top

The top simply lays on the top of the cage and use 1 5/8 inch screws to attach to the panels in the predrilled holes.

The top should be marked which edge is towards the front.

Step 9: Crown Moulding

The crown moulding just slips over the top and uses 1 1/4" screws in the blocks to attach to the top.

Step 10: Finished Cage and Divider

The divider panel is installed by opening the right side door, then put the bottom of the panel over the divider bottom support. Then tilt the top of the divider into the top support and turn the plastic knobs over the panel to hold it into place. That's it!