Introduction: Nifty Xenon White Vanity Light Upgrade for BMW

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This guide illustrates how to convert BMW stock vanity light to a new one. This LED is compatible with 2013+ BMW F30 3 Series, 2014+ BMW F35 4 Series, 2014+ BMW F15 X5. Installation is very easy and straightforward. Some people don’t like the stock warm white so they opt to change the LED into a brighter, whiter color. This is the reason why we’ve come out with a new product to change into a brighter LED. Many young people prefer a whiter LED over the stock warm white LED.

Step 1:

Flip the visor down so you can see the stock LED vanity light.

Step 2:

Take a pry tool or a flat head screwdriver to remove the vanity light housing.

Step 3:

Unplug the wires and separate the wires from the light.

Step 4:


Open the front lens and remove the factory LED circuit board.

Step 5:

Once you open you can see that there’s two openings in the housing. You can choose either to proceed.

Step 6:

Insert iJDMTOY xenon white LED panel wires back into the opening.

Step 7:

Apply the double sided tape included in the package.

Step 8:

Put the cover back on and plug the wires into the stock harness to see if it lights up. If it doesn’t, flip the wires around 180 degrees and try again.

Step 9:

Put the housing back and enjoy your new xenon white LED vanity lights.

Step 10:

In this picture you can compare the difference between the xenon LED versus the warm white LED.

Step 11:

As you can see, this is such a simple installation and a neat little upgrade for your BMW. If you’re tired of being enveloped in the dull yellow light during the nighttime, consider this quick LED xenon white upgrade and turn your interior xenon white. Just to get you guys know, we will soon have the xenon white version of LED replacement for the BMW interior map light and dome light.