Introduction: Night Finder Mod

     I bought a new NERF Night Finder and was shooting things when I noticed that when I put streamline darts in it didn't fire much farther than a foot. I created this mod to be able to fire every type of dart out of the NERF Night Finder.

     I brain stormed ideas why the dart wouldn't fit into the barrel, and then I found out the inner part of the streamline dart tip was longer than the suction darts.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:
NERF Night Finder
NERF Streamline Darts

Step 2: Sanding

I used the dremel tool to just sand down the rod in the barrel so the dart would fit.

Step 3: Tinkering

I used the hemostat to remove chibbles of plastic  that were still attached to the rod so the dart could easily slide on.