Introduction: Night Light Plush Toy

This is a toy for a child. When the child squeezes it, the tutu skirt of the bunny lights up. I used conductive thread, four LEDs, a battery switch, and button sensor. I made the skirt myself, and added it to the plush bunny.

Step 1: Sketch

Thought process of how this would work. I drew out the way the connections needed to work without positive and negative wires touching. I also sketched what the initial idea of a stuffed toy with a skirt of LEDs would look like.

Step 2: Test Lights

Before sewing or cutting anything. I tested out the structure of how everything will work. with my materials.




Alligator Clips


Stuffed toy

Conductive Thread


Switch to hold battery


Push Button Sensor

White LEDs

I connected the LEDs to the alligator clips first.

The LED is connected on the positive side to the battery switch, and then the switch is connected to the button. The negative side of the LED is connected to other side of the push button. I attached another LED to the original LED 1 to match the positive and negative sides.

Step 3: Make the Skirt

I cut the ribbon to fit the wait of the toy. Then I tied each piece of tulle to the ribbon until it formed a full skirt. The knot should look like a tie.

Step 4: Connecting

I started connected the push button with the battery so that I could see how much thread I would need to create a good distance.

Step 5: Sewing

I sewed the first LED onto the tulle skirt. I made sure to keep in mind which side was positive and which side was negative. I followed the same layout of the alligator clips, and kept in mind of keeping the positive and negative side separate so that they don't touch.

After the first LED was successfully sewed on, I tested the second LED with alligator clips to make sure it would work before sewing it on.

Step 6: Button

Once everything was sewed on and tested successfully, I had to fix the button. Since I used a push button, it was too small, and I needed it to be bigger. I hot glued on a bigger button on top of the push button. This was, the user doesn't have to go crazy looking for the button.

Step 7: Success!

You're all done! Now when someone presses the button or hugs the stuffed toy, it will light up.