Introduction: Night Shower- a DIY LED Earring

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My sister had her birthday last week .I wanted to gift her something unique and as a maker i do love creating than buying .

Meanwhile Instructables wearable tech Contest was going on,so i thought of giving her a earring.

I had no experience with earring making :P, but i had a good experience with using leds so i thought of making a led earring out of some of the led i had lying in my work space.A led definitely looked good but i wanted it more beautiful.

i had an old optical fiber lamp which was broken, so i used the spare optical fiber and created a wonderful earring with shower effect.
I showed it to some of my friends at Makerloft -Kolkata makerspace.They really appreciated the initial prototype and I was on to making one better which can be hung and taken to show up to parties.

It took me some time how to make the earring such that the led can be turned off ,when not in use.
Initially i tried to put a switch , but lastly i came upon a very good design in which u can remove the battery when not in use.This was cool as the battery would last 10 hours and then we need to change it.

At last if you are wearing this earring u will definitely be a show stopper .

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Step 1: All Things You Need to Build It

Here is the list of all the thing you need to build the earring .

The Tools that you need

  • Nose plier
  • Soldering Iron
  • Solder
  • Cello tape

Step 2: Preparing the LED

This was the most cool part of the making , as i said earlier the challenge was to make the led earring such that the battery can be easily changed .what i did was to bend the anode at its end so that it forms a hook shape.

Beware: the hook should be not to small to fit not big to be lose.

use a nose plier to bend the anode .

The battery will slide into the two leads of the led so if you make the gap more the battery wont be in position,i suggest to use the default gap and adjust it before going to the next step.

Step 3: Soldering the Led to Fishhook

After you are satisfied with the hook , hang it in the earring fishhook.

I used a third hand to hold the earring fishhook and then i hang the led to it .

Check if it is hanging straight. Then put your soldering skill to test. keep the soldering iron on for some time and then slowly solder the joint. the better the solder the better is the strength of the joint.

Avoid cold solder for this.

There is a lot of instructable on how to solder so wont be going it to the detail.

Step 4: Making the Optical Fiber Strand

Who said optical fibers are used for communication only .

No one said though I guess.i always love the way this fibers can be used for decoration.
I had bought this lamp for a fair .This things are very cheap in Indian Local Fairs.
around a dollar for max.

So I had this lamp which was lying useless after i used the led circuit with it on a project.

I took the whole strand of fibers on my cutting mat and the cut a small piece of it as i needed.
Cut the length you need for the project.

After you had cut the strand u need tape it with a cello tape.
Ok here is why I love 3M magic tape it has a texture that is a good diffuser for light also you can apply paint on it easily.

Step 5: Joining the Strand With the Led

After finishing with the strand, bring the led with the hook we did in the last step.

Put that in place with the strand and again tape it with the 3m Magic Tape. =================================================

Wolaaaa....!!! you had your own led earring to rock this festive season.

I had given all the photos you need to see for understanding how beautiful the earring is.

As you see in daylight also it look so cool,in the dark ,it cannot be unseen by anyone.
It is indeed a cool earring for the party nights.

My sister loved this earrings a lot, and this feeling is awesome .

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