Night Vision With 12 Volt LCD Monitor




Introduction: Night Vision With 12 Volt LCD Monitor

Just upgraded my security cameras and have the older ones to play with.
Also have 2 new ones yet to be placed. Wanted to make a better Infrared
camera set up , had a car backup camera set but it stopped working. This
unit is temporary, will remount  in something easier to hold. AC charger is
to test and check polarity of wiring. Started with the Infrared Night Vision
Security camera wired to a 3.5" TFT LCD Color Video Monitor both 12-volt.
Used RCA Couplers to hook cables up. A 12V UPS Battery powers both.  Later
will see how long it says powered. I need to get another type of 2.1mm x
5.5mm CCTV Power Jack Adapter, male I think. Short video shot outside in

Parts list....

Battery is older 12V  UPS  Battery, have from 3AHH to 7AH
Infrared Night Vision  Security camera (12V)
3.5" TFT LCD Color Video Monitor  (12V)

2.1mm x 5.5mm Female or Male CCTV Power Jack Adapter   (power)
and/or some RCA Male to Male Gender Changer (video)
and/or some RCA Female to Female Coupler  (video)
and/or some 2 blade coupler (power)

Used 2 times in the dark of night. Plan to add a Infrared camera pointed down.
A second Video Monitor to see the ground at my feet.
(will get a 7" Video Monitor and use 3.5" one for down and new for main)

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    This is a neat idea and I'd love to read about it in detail. You should make a step-by-step Instructable if you have the pictures for it.