Introduction: Night and Day Clock!

(This is a simple conversion of FlorinC's amazing Wise Clock 3

This project displays an animated map that dipicts where the sun is shining on the surface of the Earth.  No need to set a timezone here.  This is truly a global clock. 

I've always admired the GeoChron clock but for normal people it is just too expensive.  I had visions of using ClockTHREE to make a world clock, but the resolution wasn't there.  Then, when I saw the WiseClock3, I had it.

I love this clock; it has been very cool to see the approach of winter as the sun sets on the North pole as it rises on the South pole.  I hope a few people out in Instuctables land share my enthusiasm.

To build this clock is simple:

1. Buy or build a Wise Clock 3 from FlorinC with an extra acrylic plate.
2. Upload  the Night and Day sketch with Arduino (I'd be happy to program this ATMega644 for you)
3. Print the map onto thick velum paper.
4. Install the two front faceplates with the map sandwiched between (see photo).  This extra space allows the LED light to de-focus just the right amount so that the individual LEDs merge together. 
5. Enjoy and watch night follow day and Winter follow Fall.

FlorinC has added a "Night and Day" add on kit for $10.

Thanks FlorinC!!!

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