Introduction: Night Light With Ldr

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with ldr

Step 1: Things Needed

1. Transistor (2N3906)
2. leds
3.resistor (brown-black-orange-gold)
5. Another resistor for saving the led from burning out(red-red-brown-gold)
6.some hookup wires for connecting
the parts together
7. Breadboard

Step 2: Step 1

connect one leg of the (brown-black-orange-gold) resistor to negetive and another to the ldr

Step 3: Step 2

connect a wire from the place where the (brown-black-orange-gold)resistor and the ldr is connected , to the middle leg of the transistor

Step 4: Step 3

connect the left leg of the tansistor to negetive

Step 5: Step 4

connect the right leg of the transistor to one leg of the led and the other leg of the led to be connected with the (red-red-brown-gold) resistor and the resistor should be connected to positive

Step 6: Done

this should look like this

Step 7: