Night Sky Timelapse With RPi NoIR

Introduction: Night Sky Timelapse With RPi NoIR

Too cloudy and rainy for star gazing. Goes into almost complete darkness
from 1:35 - 2:14. At 3:03 I suspect is a helicopter whizzing past. The references close by are the clothes lines and plant stem with no IR lighting sources. Using a Rasperry Pi 2 Turbo with NoIR camera module and focus lens on WiFi portable battery tripod mounted, straight to video shared network folder.

Step 1: Raspivid

Approximately 1 frame every 10 seconds with (depending on the shutter-speed):

$ raspivid -ex night -ISO 800 -SS 1000000 -o sky.h264

Cable ties used. (Simple quick project for first Instructable)

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