Nightlight Led Laptop 1.2 Version.




Introduction: Nightlight Led Laptop 1.2 Version.

 This instructable is basically an improvement in my previous draft,
This fact was caused by two reasons.The first reason is that I had to revise the values of resistance led relief to lower slightly the current feed as LEDs, one by one I have left.
The second reason I was given from a reader of this instructable that he accomplished something similar to my project, I went, and using 7 led instead of 4 as I did myself, and at the same time posing as a current power led 10ma to preserve them by rapid deterioration.
The author of this was SharpyWarpy.

Step 1: Therefore...

So ... all phases that relate to the construction of support remain the same as the previous version; the enlightening body, instead of using 4 LEDs in parallel, each with its resistance relief, I used 7 LEDs in parallel, each with its resistance in this case that relief was worth 120 ohm to allow a flow of current to each led approximately 10ma totaling 70ma Unlike before where the total power consumption was about 80-90 ma.

Step 2: The Color

I changed the colour: Matt Black from the previous version are passed to a silver ... "anodised aluminium". For the rest everything is unchanged, and then I refer you to the first version for any insights.

Step 3: Thanks

A special thanks to SharpyWarpy for having inspired in editing!!!!
Thank you all for your attention, I remain at your disposal for suggestions and/or clarification.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Extremely nice improvements. The keyboard is more evenly lit and the LEDs will last much longer tuned down to 10ma. I like your choice of material for the framework. Aluminium should last a lifetime. Congratulations on a job well done. Keep the great ideas coming, I like your work.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the compliment and thanks again for your cooperation.