Introduction: Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Ornament

DIY your own Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas ornament!

Step 1: Gather Materials

For this project, you will need a glass or plastic ornament that you can take the top off of, red yarn or string, green and white paint, something to mix the paint with/in, a black permanent marker, and a hot glue gun. For your workspace, make sure you have an open area with a table cloth.

Step 2: Mix Paint

Pour a bit of green paint into a cup and add some white paint. Mix together, adding more paint if necessary, until you get a color close to Sally's.

Step 3: Pour Paint Into the Ornament

When you have the paint mixed, pour it into the ornament. Don't put in too much, you can always add in more if you need it, and it covers more area than it looks like it will.

Step 4: Distribute Paint

Next, roll/move your ornament around, spreading the paint until it covers the whole ornament. Remember, you can add more paint if you need to, but try and use what you have. If you're having difficulties getting the paint to the top of your ornament, you can turn it upsidedown and tap the top on your tablecloth.

Step 5: Sketch Your Face

Before you use the permanent marker to draw your sally face on the ornament, you'll want to sketch it out first so you can fix any mistakes before they're unfixable.

Step 6: Draw Your Face

Draw your Sally face on the ornament with a permanent marker.

Step 7: Add Hair

To get roughly the same length strands for your hair, get the length you want from the spool, then double it back up. Continue this until you have as much hair as you need. Cut the string from the spool, then cut all the loops at the ends so that you'll have individual strings. Place the top back on the ornament. Once you have your hair, use a hot glue gun, and put a dab of glue on the top of the orne=ament, then place a small bunch of hair on the glue. WARNING I would recommend using something such as a popsicle stick to make sure the hair is pressed down, you don't want to burn your fingers! Continue this process on different spots on the ornament top until you have as much hair as you want.

Step 8: Tada!

Congratulations, you should now have your very own Sally ornament! Hope you enjoyed the craft!