Introduction: Nightmare Before Christmas Winter Wonderland

Hi! Today I am going to try and show you how to make my version of a Nightmare Before Christmas Winter Wonderland house! Its your basic gingerbread house with some fun changes to it. Only there is a catch... the whole thing is edible! Please note that even thought there is a background in this photo it is completely my own work and doing☺ Sorry that I don't have many pics about it!

Things needed:

  • Gingerbread recipe
  • Round wooden board
  • Stiff royal icing recipe
  • Rice Crispy treat recipe
  • Whoppers
  • Blow Pops
  • Sweet hearts
  • Black food coloring
  • Lots of Fondant
  • Black chocolate melts
  • and any other candies you would like for decor☺

Step 1: Make a BIG Batch of Rice Crispy Treats

You will make a plan layout on the wood board similar or different to the way I did. Then you need to make a big batch of rice crispy treats. This is needed to be done by hand so no store bought rice crispy treats because they are all ready set. After you make the batch of crispy treats try and make them into a round shape that is similar to the board. Let dry for a few hours.

Step 2: Make the Perch and Steps

I made mine out of frozen pound cake that got cemented together with royal icing. It doesn't have to be this exact way made mine but make it however you want to. For the lower parts of the steps I did 3 different sizes going up from small to tall. for the perch I did a copy of the tallest piece of pound cake and medium size. I put the two tall ones back to back and then cut the medium one in half; then putting each half onto each side.

Step 3: Make the House

Take your favorite gingerbread recipe and make a big batch of it.

You will need to cut out:

4 trapezoids that are opposite of each other

2 triangles for the front and back

2 coffins that are opposite of each other.


3 mini gingerbread men

Be sure to have all even and straight edges.

Step 4: Build and Fill the House

After your gingerbread is all baked off and cooled put the pieces together. I would suggest to use a regular royal icing recipe but add 1 - 2 tablespoons extra of powered sugar to it. Once the royal icing is dry you can have the choice of whether or not to fill it. I filled the inside of mine with rice crispy treats to give it extra support because of all the weight there will be when all the royal icing goes onto it.

Step 5: Royal Icing the Base

Your base is the harden round rice crispy treat that you made. You will need to make another batch of stiff royal icing (explained in the previous step) and take an off- set spatula and make a light wave like part on it to represent snow.

Step 6: Fondant the Perch and Steps

I used a dark purple fodant that I then pressed into a rock texture mold that I got from Micheal's. You can easily just cover it in rolled out fondant but you can add the texture detail for some added flair.

Step 7: Make the Fence

Make another big batch of rice crispy treats. Build a mini wall that is 1 inch tall and goes around the entire house. Cover in black fondant.

Step 8: Decorate the House

Decorate the house however you would like. I decorated mine as shown above.

Step 9: Decorate Your Base

Finally decorate your base however you would like then attach your house and your done! Good luck!

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