Introduction: Nike Cardboard PC ??

Yeah, you read that right! I had no spare case for a test "retro gaming emulation type pc", but had a few shoeboxes left around the house. I took the biggest I had, and just thought "why not, """""lmao"""""".

Step 1: Things You'll Need

-A box, preferably a big one (Nike/Adidas/Timberland/Crocs)



-More cardboard

-Screws (for the fan, so find what suits them)

-A fan (not a JB one, please)

-PC components

-Some foam

-A sharpie

Step 2: Cutting Vents

First, you'll need to make holes in the cardboard for air to flow. Cut a 100mm hole for the fan, and some more "screwdriver holes" to get some fresh air to the CPU.

Step 3: Making Standoffs

Cut some cardboard and glue it to where screw holes are on your motherboard to support it.

Step 4: Install Your Motherboard

Step 5: Make a Foam Base for Your Hard Drive

All is in the title ^^

Step 6: Connect Your Cables

Step 7: Don't Be Dumb (like Me)

Yeah, so, I didn't calculate the fact that the box could not be closed because of the fan touching the GPU... So I mounted it on the other side.

Step 8: Connect Your PSU

I did not have a small enough PSU to put in the case, but anyway, connect it and fit it if you can (make some holes for its fan too)

Step 9: Biem, You've Got M̶a̶i̶l̶ a PC

Here you go! Fun little project that you'll maybe have fun making ^^