Introduction: Nike LED Swoosh! This Is a Great Decor for a Room. This Is the One Project That Everyone Can Repeat.

-tape measure
-soldering iron
-coping saw
-electric drill

-LED strip (RGB) 5m
-LED controller
-Power Supply 12V 4A
-timber 50-50-1500 2x
-timber 20-20-3000 2x
-plywood 500-1000mm
-screws (45mm) 150x
-screws (35mm) 30x
-screws (19mm) 30x

Step 1: First Step. We Make the Foundation

We cut the beam into pieces two by 1000mm and another two by 500mm. After we take and we fasten a bar to plywood in the size of 1000-500mm.

Step 2: We Mark and Screw the Screws

Screw through each 10mm.

Step 3: Painted

Paint in 3 layers

Step 4: Soldering

Solder led strip and controller

Step 5: Final

We wind a thread on self-tapping screws