Introduction: Nikon D90 MC-DC2 Remote Shutter Hack

ever need to control your shutter on your nikon but cant find that strange "accessory" plug?
need more distance on your remote
want to make a highspeed photography rig or have one that does not work for your nikon?

well me to so i have made this simple hack for you :)

Step 1: Gather the Parts

go to radioshack or your parts bin and get
ONE In-Line 1/8" Phone Jack (3 PIN Stereo type)
ONE (or 2 if your making ur own shutter cable) 1/8" stereo Phone Plug
(these come in packs of 2)

one nikon MC-DC2 (works with MC-DC1 if your camera only supports that and probably other shutter releases)

Step 2: Cut and Splice

cut your cord wherever you see fit and strip away the coating

peel back the metal shield and twist it off to the side

green- Focus  (Ring)
white- Shutter (Tip)
red- NOT USED (X)
black / metal shield Ground (Sleeve)

we will use the canon standard pinout because its easy and you can use your canon gear on it

Step 3: Solder and Test

put the wires on solder and test

solder like this

Sleeve - Black wire + metal ground housing
Ring - Green wire
Tip - White wire
solder both the jack and the plug ... the jack should be on the MC-DC2 plug side and the plug should be on the remote side to make it easy

plug them together plug it in your camera cut it on hit the button half way it should focus hit it all the way it should capture the shot

Step 4: Taking It to the Next Level (OPTIONAL AND NOT REQUIRED)

so you want to take it to the next level? adding a micro-controller or logic or analog circuit?

here is a simple way to do so

it uses 2 2n2222 NPN transistors and 4 10k resistors

you can use 5-12vDC to switch the transistors and if you use a 1k resistor at resistor 4 and resistor 3 to power it off 1.5-3.3v