Introduction: Ninja Turtle Adult Slushies

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Heroes in a half-shell? Turtle POWER!

This drink always impresses, especially with the glassware :)

Ingredients:(1 drink)

1oz rum

1/4 fresh lime

1/4oz lime cordial

peach juice

green fruit punch

1oz brightly colored liqueur

LOTS of ice!


1) Blend all the ingredients (except the bright colored liqueurs!) together in a blender.

2) Pour into a (custom painted) glass and place in freezer.

3) Blend the turtle color of choice's bright colored liqueur with ice

4) Pour in a cup and place in freezer.

5) After 15-30 minutes, remove both blends and carefully top the green slush with the colored liqueur slush


Stacey Roy aka The Nerdy Bartender

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