Introduction: Ninja Turtle Wood Toy

Ninja Turtle Wood Toy By Kyle

Step 1 The materials you'll need is a template, a band saw, a block of wood, sand paper, a pencil, a picture of your animal, the sander machine, and a router table.

Step 2 First pick out an animal you would want to make a toy of. Second print it then make it in a cartoon like form. Third trace onto the template and cut out with the band saw.

Step 3 Trace your template onto a piece of wood. Then use the band saw to cut it. Remember the band saw can not make sharp cuts.

Step 4 Sand your template. Make sure you go up in sand paper grits.

Step 5 Router your toy so the edges are not sharp because they can hurt.

Step 6 Paint your toy. Make sure not to paint you whole toy.

Step 7 Check if your axle fits into the hole you drilled. If it doesn't fit then drill your holes again until it fits.

Step 8 Put glue into your hole that you drilled.

Step 8 Put your wheels and axles onto your toy and then its all done.