Introduction: Ninja Tag

This is my first instructable so be nice. Ninja tag is a game that I made up that is played in the dark and it is very fun to play. It is a combination of tag and ninja awesomeness.

Step 1: Players

You need at least 6 people to play and there is no maximum number. There are 2 types of players, ninjas and civilians. Ninjas wear ninja uniforms and civilians wear street clothes. There should be a ratio of 5 ninjas to 1 civilian.

Step 2: Weapons

Any type of ninja weapons will do but they have to be padded (except wooden swords). Airsoft guns are allowed as long as they are spring pistols and you have 1 mag with 20 rounds or less. No scopes or laser aimers. Hand to hand combat is allowed.

Step 3: Outs

You are out when you are hit with a weapon, spotted by a civilian, tag a civilian, or get knocked down in hand to hand combat. When you get out you shout out and crumple to the ground in a dishonored heap and wait for the end of the round.

Step 4: Thats All Folks!!

More parts coming soon!