Introduction: Old Faithful - Ninjato 1.0

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Presenting Old Faithful, the ninjato 1.0. Where did the name come from? Well, this sword is my oldest "good" (okay to hit people with) sword, and it's had as many lives as those imaginary reincarnated cats. It started out as cardboard and nothing else, which looked great (for my standards when I made it) and broke immediately. I stuck some stuff up the middle and made it a sheath, and when the blade broke again, I turned the sheath into the blade and replaced the guard. That didn't work terribly well, and finally I stuck two cord covers up the middle and eventually even replaced the handle. The tip even got lost at a cast party once, and I made a new one. I've begun to call it Old Faithful, it's been around so long. Nothing to do with the geyser.

Now, that had nothing to do with this suggestable, so let's talk about the sword itself. I'm posting the 1.0s (there's a ninjato coming up) later then I posted the 2.0s and 3.0, but that's off the subject. The 1.0s, as I said above, have been through a lot. In this instructable, they do not look the same as when I first made them. They're a bit worse for wear, and they've also changed. The 1.0s don't look quite as realistic as the 2.0s. These are best for hitting people in duels and combat. They don't last as long, and need repairs every now and then, but they don't hurt whatsoever. They're rather simple, and thicker blade-wise than the 2.0s and 3.0s, but if you're looking for a good hard-contact sword, the 1.0 is a good bet.

What are they made of (now)? Pretty much everything, almost all of which is recycled. I'll try to cover what I can:
1) Two Cordmate cord covers - or something like this. One of the few non recycled items.
2) Cardboard
3) Thin foam sheets that you might get in a shipment box - small celled is good.
4) Electrical tape
5) Masking tape
6) Foil tape
7) Duct tape

If you're more of a knight in shining Armour but like the idea of the 1.0, you might check out my long sword 1.0.

UPDATE: Due to the fact that this is now one of my two swords, I have made some improvements to the design of this sword. It has recently become steampunk-ish and awesome. Pictures soon to come.

UPDATE: There is now an I'ble explaining my latest weapon making methods here.