Introduction: Nintendo 64 Game Maintenance & Label Fix

So you probably have some old Nintendo 64 games around the house or you have bought some to start playing again. These games can be 10 plus years old and  have likely started to show their age. This instructable will show you how to:
     - Clean up the cartridge of stickers
     - Remove marker
     - Clean the game contacts so it will work like new
     - Replace game labels that have faded or are ruined

So lets get at it!

Step 1: What You Will Need

1. A game, of course
2. 70% rubbing alcohol (50% works but can make a mess
3. Q-tips
4. Magic eraser (not crucial, but do work pretty quickly and do a good job)
5. Paper Towel
If label needs replacing.....
6. Printer
7. Sticker paper 
8. Scissors

Step 2: Removing Stickers

1. Rub some of the rubbing alcohol on the sticker with a Q-tip
2. Should start to able to see through sticker once the rubbing alcohol is applied
3. Rub off with finger nail or something sharp
4. If there is any sticker resin left on the game, use the rubbing alcohol on the resin and then whip it off with paper towel
5. Sticker should be gone

Step 3: Removing Marker

1. Wet Magic Eraser on one end
2. Rub marker with eraser in all directions (a little rubbing alcohol may help too)
3. Make sure the contacts stay dry by drying the game constantly

Step 4: Cleaning Contacts

1. Wet the end of a Q-tip with rubbing alcohol (Make sure its not dripping)
2. Rub gently along the contacts on both sides
3. Use dry end of Q-tip to remove any rubbing alcohol
4. Place someplace to let dry (Do not try and use the game until it is fully dry!!)

This is often a fix for games not working in the console as well

Step 5: Removing the Old Label

We have to remove the old label before we can apply a new one

1. Spray rubbing alcohol on the old label
2. Let sit for 10-15 minutes
3. Remove the label with your finger nail (or something that's hard plastic, don't use anything metal)
4. Make sure face is clean and ready for a new label

Step 6: Making a New Label

This is were it can get interesting....

You need a printer and some sticker-making paper that you can get at Staples or any office supply store.

I have a website where you can download most game labels and print them off at home.

My website ---->

They are the appropriate size already and I am always adding new ones.
Basically you can do it yourself by finding a picture of the game label on Google and making it the appropriate size before printing.
See picture for the actual size of the game labels.
Or just go to website and see if its there...

1. Print off the label and then cut it out carefully with scissors or a utility knife
2. Apply it to the game

Step 7: All Done!!!

Game should play like new and look pretty good too!!

Leave any comments on issues and Ill get back.

Check out my N64 website too!!!