Introduction: Nintendo Controller USB Hub

I am sure this has been done before, but looking at the heap of wires and crap on my desk I found enough parts to build this...

You'll need an old Nintendo Controller or some other clever case

$0.10 USB hub from China

Solder and Iron

Hot glue

Screwdriver, side cutters and pliers, file helps too.

So lets dive in!

Step 1: Gut Controller

You wont need any of it, except the buttons. 6 phillips screws hold it together. Do save those buttons! Just glue them in place before we get too far along.

Now thats done, pull one of the sockets out of the USB hub to measure, mark out where to cut the plastic and go after it! I used side cutters to split it down then pliers to snap out the bit, filing it smooth..

Once you got the hole made, glue it in place! I used hot glue, sticky stuff that doesnt snap free when set.

Step 2: Install All the Ports

At this point its easier to remove them all from the board. Leave the wires on the ports though! It was easy to free them all and lay it out. Lots of room in these old controllers! If you want, you can add something like Bluetooth or a USB storage device inside as well and leave that port out!

be careful, dont burn yourself with the glue!

Step 3: Start Wiring!

I had to shorten those wires closest to the board, but it was easy to reassemble. Be careful not to get any wires crossed at this point! I took a photo of the pattern before I took them all off to remember.

Attach all the wires and test, should pop right up and recognize anything attached!

Step 4: Enjoy!

use it proudly! Retro gaming devices make great conversation pieces!  Especially at your favorite LAN with your other gear!