Introduction: Nintendo Game Boy Made Into a Digital Clock

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In this instructable I'll show you how I made my own retro video game themed digital clock from an old broken Nintendo Game Boy.

Thing Needed; An old broken Nintendo Game Boy you don't mind cutting up, cheap digital alarm clock about the same size as Game Boy screen.

I used this one MYT ® Colour Change Digital LCD Alarm Clock Glowing Led with Temperature and Alarm Sleeping Function Please note If you try this you do so at your own accord.

Tools Needed; Mini screwdriver, hot glue gun, soldering iron, box cutting knife (exacto)

Step 1: Taking Apart

Start by taking both the Game Boy and clock apart.

Remove all gubbins from Game Boy, keeping buttons and screw.

Carefully take apart your digital clock, you do so at your own risk. Try and keep the screen frame and function buttons

Step 2: Mount Clock Screen & Circuit Board

Using the digital clock screen frame, hot glue into place. You may need to cut Game Boy screen frame to fit your digital clock screen. (watch video)

Make sure circuit board and speaker are also glued down, we don't want moving around inside.

Also hot glue all the Game Boy buttons back into place. Would be nice to get them working with the clock but that's a little more advance.

Step 3: Power Extension

Depending on what digital clock you're using, you may want to give the battery pack a little more slack. I did that by using longer wire and re-soldering.

I also removed the plastic wall from the other half that holds the Gameboy batteries (see image), i then hot glued our clock battery pack to that other half. Again you don't want things freely moving around inside.

Step 4: Finish

I finished by putting the two halfs of the Game Boy together, cleaning the front and setting the right time and date.

Be sure to watch the video I've added if you're still unsure.


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