Introduction: Nissan Juke LED Rear Fog Light Installation

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In Japan, the Nissan Juke comes standard with a LED rear fog light. This is not the case in the US where
Nissan Jukes have just a plastic mesh there. For this reason, here at iJDMTOY, we’ve designed this all new Nissan Juke LED rear fog light for the US customers so that they can achieve the Japanese JDM look!

Here we will show you how to easily install this LED rear fog assembly.

Step 1: Use a Pry Tool to Remove the Stock Plastic Cover Where Your Nissan Juke Rear Fog Light Will Be.

Step 2: Take Out the Center Plastic Clip Underneath the Rear Bumper.

You will need to access the inside of the bumper in order to bolt this LED rear fog light.

Step 3: Insert the Nissan Juke LED Rear Fog Lamp With the Wires in First.

Reach into the back of the bumper and secure the LED rear
fog with the nuts.

Step 4: Open the Trunk Liner So That the Nissan Juke Rear Fog’s Wires Can Be Routed Upwards.

Step 5: Remove a Tail Light Using a Wrench.

The wires will be tapped to your tail light’s harness.

Step 6: Locate the Tail, Brake, and Reverse Light Positive Wires in Your Tail Light’s Harness. Find the Ground Negative Wire. Strip These Wires With a Wire Stripper.

Step 7: Splice the Rear Fog Light Wires Into Their Respective OEM Wires.

From the LED rear fog light, tap the positive rear fog wire to the OEM tail positive wire, the brake positive wire onto the OEM brake positive wire, the reverse positive wire onto the OEM reverse positive wire, and the ground wire onto an OEM ground connection.

Step 8: Test the LED Assembly to Make Sure Everything Works Before Wrapping the Tapping Points With Electric Tape.

Step 9: Reinstall the Tail Lamp Back and the Trunk Liner to Finish Up.

Step 10: You Can Now Enjoy Your New LED Rear Fog Light!

Our Nissan Juke rear fog light is designed to function three ways as a rear fog light, reverse light, and a brake light. We strive to bring you the look that genuine Japanese cars have while improving its functionality. With our LED rear fog, your car can be set above its JP counterparts.