Introduction: Nite Finder Mod

In this mod I will cover air restrictor removal and replacing the spring with a more powerful one.

For this mod I will be using my size reduced night finder.

Please be aware that mods can break the gun and make it unusable so only proceed with modifying the gun if you are prepared for your gun to stop working.
I have modded almost all of my guns (10+ guns) and none are broken so it's ok if you know what your doing.

Step 1: Taking the Gun Apart

To take the gun apart get a screwdriver, the biggest one that will fit the screws is better, then remove all the screws and once done place them on the ground in shape of the gun so you know which screw goes where.
Then carefully take the top shell off the gun being careful not to lose any screws underneath.

Step 2: Remove the Firing Tube

In order to take out this tube we need to remove the two small screws holding it in place then we can pull it out.

Then call the cooking mechanism out and onto destroyed and selling get the spring off.

Step 3: Removing the Air Restrictor

To remove the air restrictor grab the barrel and a long screwdriver and smashed through to remove anything in the idea is that there should be nothing in the way interfering with the flow of air.

Step 4: Replacing the Spring

To replace the spring all we need to do is take off the old spring put the new spring on then put the other bit back on and screw it back together.

Step 5: Fixing the Seal

Get some tape and put that around under the o-ring then put the O-ring back on top.

Step 6: Putting the Gun Back Together

Put all the pieces back into place and screw the gun back together.

Step 7: Finished

All done!

Just remember that nerf guns can be dangerous especially if they are modded. Do not aim at the Face or eyes make sure you are wearing protection goggles to reduce risk of injury.