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Introduction: Nite Solar Table Lights

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This is my first post so if you think I need to change anything (every day's a lesson) please be constructive with criticism. Hope you enjoy.

Step 1: What You Need

I used a couple of jars with ropes around the neck that my wife thought looked nice in our garden. You could use any jars but I did like the texture on the sides, should break up the light and create nice patterns. I got a solar lantern from pound land and removed the solar light array. I got a little lucky that they fit the mouth of the jars but you could measure the diameter of the array and find a jar that fits it. You could do this the other way round but I think you would get a much smaller choice of lanterns.

Step 2: Helping the Bling

You now need to put some foil in the bottom of the jar. This will reflect the light and help spread it around the inside of the jar. I had to use a stick to push it as flat as possible on the bottom of the jar but you don't need to glue it or anything.

Step 3: Put the Lid On

We now take the solar light array and put it on top and inside of the jar. I used some electric tape to secure it and make it water resistant as it will stay outside all weathers. Try to cover all gaps.

Step 4: And Finally

The jars were done, just had to wait for the sun to charge them and the night to show what they could do. I'm happy with the result, as you can see the pattern on the jars does make a nice touch and the crinkled foil adds to their charm, hope this gives some people ideas to do their own.

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    7 years ago

    Those are so pretty! Thanks for sharing, I definitely will be trying this!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I really like those rope handles, they are a great touch. Very nicely done!