Introduction: Nitro Engine PENCIL Sharpener!

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My friend found a Nitro RC car in the garbage. I decided to turn it into a high performance pencil sharpener!

Step 1: Get the Engine Running.

The first step was to get the engine running. When I got it the piston was seized and the carburetor was clogged. I took everything apart and cleaned it before putting it back together.

Step 2: Adapt Engine to Pencil Sharpener.

Once the engine was running I could get to work attaching it to a hand crank pencil sharpener. I decided to utilize as much of the RC car as possible. I welded the universal joint from the RC driveshaft to the hand crank of the pencil sharpener. Then I cut it off and rounded the edges with a grinder.

Step 3: Connected Drive Shaft.

Step 4: Test Run.

I did a test run and the pencil sharpener seized. It seems the cutting wheel isn't designed to spin at 30,000 RPM :)

Step 5: Add a Brake.

I used a shock absorber from the car to "engage" the brake at all times. This way the pencil sharpener isn't spinning until I want it to. This reduces wear on the bearings/bushings.

Step 6: Make It Look Cool.

I added some modified bumpers and guards from the car to make the device look more complex and cool. It keeps my fingers out of the gears too!

Step 7: Finished!

To my surprise the thing actually works! And it didn't fall apart after it's first use. Everything is still in tact and working.

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