Introduction: No Bake Berry and Honey Pie

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The only other pie I've ever made was the brownie, cookie pie and I know it isn't much of a pie, but I decided to give pie making another go.  This recipe has only 4 ingredients and it is really easy to prepare so the only excuse not to make it, is if you don't like fruit or honey.

* Note: You need to eat this pie the day you make it or within two days, otherwise the Graham cracker crust will get too soggy and the honey will separate from it.

Step 1: Ingredients

  • Graham Crackers (9)
  • Honey (about 6 tablespoons)
  • Cool Whip (half of the container)
  • Mixed Berries (I used frozen and about 2 cups)

  • Pie Pan
  • Magic Bullet (or Blender)
  • Bowl and Smashing tool (or Food Processor)

Step 2: Crush Your Crackers

Take your Graham Crackers and break them up into a bowl.  Now just keep smashing them until they are really fine.  If you have a food processor, you can use that.  It takes a while to do by hand, but it is kind of fun.  Be careful when you start smashing them because they are going to want to fly out of the bowl.  As the bits get smaller, they stay in the bowl better.

I started with a few crackers and then poured it into the pie pan as I went to see how many I would need.  In the end, a pack of 9 seemed to be a good amount, but you could probably add in 2 more and have a good side crust going.

Now add your honey.  You want enough so that there is no Graham Cracker dust.  It took me about 6 tablespoons.  (I was hoping it would be something cool like 3.14 tablespoons, but I wanted it honeyer.)  You want it to be able to clump up as in the last picture.

Step 3: Blend Your Berries

Take your berries and blend them up in your magic bullet or blender.  I had some trouble with them getting crushed enough in my magic bullet, but I don't have a blender.  If you use a magic bullet, do about half a cup at a time and take breaks and scoop out what has already been blended to make room for the whole berries.  If you have some berry chunks, that's okay, it will still taste good.

Once you have your bowl of blended berries, mix in about half of your whipped cream.  You can use it all, but half ended up filling the pan nicely and there will be some left over to put on top of the pie!  Because nothing goes better with whipped cream and berries than whipped cream!

Step 4: Putting Together Your Pie

Take your Graham Cracker mush and line your pie tin with it.  Then take your berry whipped cream and throw that on top and smooth it out.  

You have a pie!

Step 5: Enjoy

You are all done.  Now just dish it up and, if you like, add on some additional whipped cream!  I have to be honest.  I thought this pie wouldn't be worth eating, but I really liked it.  And, my husband liked it too.  He was worried the berries would be too seedy, but it ended up being perfect and you can really taste the honey in the crust.  So give it a try.


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