Introduction: No Choke Choker & Stretchy Ring

This pretty necklace is so easy to make and even easier to wear. It's practically weightless and has no clasp to turn around or get caught on anything

Step 1: What You Need

  • An assortment of lightweight smallish beads - nothing too pointy or sharp unless you like small stabs in your neck all day
  • .5mm 'stretch magic' beading string
  • scissors

Step 2: Starting the Necklace

Cut a piece of stretch magic magic string about 2 feet long. 
String a bead on, placing it a few inches from the end. 
Tie a knot around the bead. Holding it in place. 

Step 3: String Your Beads

String the beads in a pattern or at random. 
You may want to set the pattern before you start stringing... I never do,though. 
Continue to string the beads just until the length fits comfortably around your neck. (Somewhere around 14-15 inches for a girl, 17 for a guy)

Step 4: Tie the Ends

String the end of the cord through the first bead you tied onto necklace.
Pull the string until the beads are snugly pushed together, without extra cord between them.
Tie the two ends of the string together tightly. 
Tie 4 or 5 tight knots. 
Once it feels securely fastened, cut the extra string off the necklace and discard.

Step 5: Try It On

Slip the necklace over your head and around your neck.  
A perfect summer necklace... Incredibly lightweight.. You can't even feel it when it's on, and it works great with a t-shirt, sitting just above the neckline.

Step 6: Bonus!

But wait, there's more!
take the necklace off, double it over and put it on your wrist for an amazingly comfy, cute bracelet.

(Take a look at my other tutorials to make your own earrings out of soda cans and rings out of buttons and make your own wardrobe of cute, colorful summer accessories that won't empty your wallet!)

Step 7: Scraps- Make a Ring to Match!

So, now you have a bit of stretchy string and a few beads left.. Following exactly the same steps as the necklace, make a matching ring! Just make sure to tie the ends tightly together, through the first bead and you'll have a perfectly circular, comfy little stretchy ring to match your necklace.

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